How To Extend the Life of Your Juicer

It is important to clean your juicer immediately after use or else all the gooey pulp may stick to the walls making it impossible to remove. While washing it is important to immerse the movable parts in running water for few minutes to remove any dregs clinging on to it. You need to dismantle the juicer once in a week to take apart the blades and sockets and use a long handled brush to remove all the debris settled at the bottom.

When the commercial juicer is not in use, you need to wrap and keep it safely. If you insist on keeping the juicer on the counter top, you have to unplug the juicer to prevent any power surges which would damage the equipment.

It is important that you understand that the commercial juicer needs to be handled with care. You need to understand the warranty terms and take care of the parts accordingly. Most commercial juicers take only few minutes to be cleaned, but it would be prudent to ensure that the movable parts are removed and rinsed separately.

You should at any cost not leave the equipment base in the sink, it would be useful to remove the parts clean them individually and use a wet cloth to wipe the entire appliance. Proper care of you commercial juicer is important for its long life.

Use appropriate produce

You should not use produce which is extremely hard like hard peels, seeds and stalks. It would be prudent to cut and clean the fruit or vegetables before inserting it in to the juicer. A commercial juicer would work better if the produce is cut to smaller sizes. If you are using dry fruits, it is better to soak it in a bowl for few minutes for easy juicing.

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