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How to Fix a Scratched Wooden Floor?

Wooden floors can be perhaps the most striking flooring option for your home. However, it is crucial that you maintain it well to preserve its beauty. You may need to take on the services of experts every now and then to deal with scratches that appear on the surface. Floating timber flooring Melbourne

Source of Scratches on your Floor

Sand particles and tiny bits of rocks that are embedded in the soles of shoes are the main culprit behind the scratches on your floors. Stilettos may add to your height to make you look imposing but can cause havoc on the polished wooden floors.

Cats or dogs running around your home may be another cause of the scratches. Dragging a heavy piece of furniture may cause significant damage to your wooden flooring, as well.

Preventing the Scratches

It is vital to take steps to check marks and scratches on your floor. Place absorbent floor mats at all entry points to your house. Trim your pets’ nails regularly. Teach your children not to drag their feet and possessions around the home.

If spills occur on the floor, it is advisable to mop up the spills immediately. This reduces the extent of the damage considerably.

One of the important factor that you need to check when cleaning a wooden floor is the temperature of water that you will be using.

Temperature of Water

Always avoid using hot water on timber as it may result in a dull finish. It is always better if you use lukewarm water for cleaning which would make the floor blemish free and purify it from settled dirt and also the ones which are stuck on it an unwanted outlook.

Floor stripping is a technique use to make the concrete flooring clean and shiny.