How To Get The Most From Your Air Conditioner

Summer can be too hot to bear in Australia especially if you don’t have an air conditioner or if you don’t have a good air conditioning installation. This is the time when out of nowhere your air conditioner decides to conk out on you. You can either call for repairs from a reliable air conditioning installation and repairs company or get a new one altogether.

In the event you decide to buy a new air conditioner you can always go check Air conditioning installation Brisbane so you can get the most out of it. You need to get the best cooling for your money’s worth. There are a few things you can do to ensure you enjoy the cooling effects of your air conditioner.

• Check for the energy stars

All air conditioners come with an energy efficiency start rating that is standardized by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency. An air conditioning unit that bears more starts is going to consume less energy compared to a unit that has fewer stars. But, as a result, it’s going to cost you more but you should always remember that cheap is expensive and if you decide to buy a cheap AC you are going to be parting with more money every month for your electricity bill.

• Always switch the overhead fan on

A ceiling fan does a great job of circulating cool air very efficiently. When you are feeling extremely hot, you can put on your air conditioner and also switch on your fan for a couple of minutes and once the house has achieved desired temperatures, you can turn off the AC and continue using the fan. It is much cheaper to run the fan compared to the AC.

• Clean the filter regularly

This will help reduce your energy consumption as air will move in and out freely. What you need to do is remove the inside grill of your AC and also take out the foam filter. Carefully wash the filter in warm water with a bit of soap. Rinse it well and dry it completely then reassemble your AC.

• Protect your AC from direct sunlight

Covering your AC is going to boost its efficiency by up to five percent. Do not keep any electrical appliances that emit heat near your air conditioning installation as this can cause the AC to run longer that it normally would.

Keep checking the thermostat settings

Set the thermostat at a comfortably high temperature. Keep in mind that the smaller the difference between the indoor and outdoor temperature settings, the less energy is going to be consumed by your air conditioning installation.