How to Make Friends when Working in Thailand

Going away from home is always tough. And relocating to a completely new country where you know no one and no one speaks your language can be quite a culture shock. A lot of Australians find job in Thailand and they can end up lonely and alone in a country where they have nobody to call their own. But it need not be this bad.

Try the food

Just like language, food is another conversation starter. Thai foods are notoriously hot and spicy, but you can ask for it to be toned down a little to suit your palate. Thais love their food, and most of their social gatherings revolve around this topic. Learning more about their cuisine will help you break the ice at dinner parties. You might just learn to love a good Nasi Gurung at the end of it all! View Fork Lift

You may also try working in Thailand by applying as a web designer in one of IT companies there.

Accept an invitation

While doing a work in Thailand, you will probably get a few invitations to events. Do accept these graciously and understand that it is the way of the land. Thais usually invite friends for family gatherings such as birthday parties and social meets and if you are wondering how you will fit in then just relax and enjoy. Thais take life with a pinch of salt and they are very jovial natured. So just go along and have some laughs – it is the best way to make friends after all.

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