How to Pick the Right Painter

Your home is priceless. You’ve worked hard to transform it from a blank piece of real estate, into a home. It’s the place where your kids play and sleep, it’s where all of the family is eating breakfast and watches TV. Simply put it became a place of love and memories. You love your home. So you want to make it pretty.

The most dramatic change you can make to transform a house is a professional paint job.

This being said you clearly don’t want to leave by chance the makeover of your precious home don’t you? That’s way you need to know how to pick the right commercial painter Melbourne for the job.

What to take into consideration while in the search for a professional:

License and Background Check

First thing’s first. Make sure that the first thing you ask about is not a price quota, but about their license. Even though it shouldn’t be like this, we live in a world where lots of contractors and individual professionals work without or with an expired license. Not only is it illegal, but if you get onboard with someone of this nature, you are putting yourself into a position you don’t want to be.

Someone that’s licensed not only is working in full legality, but the license is also a proof of previous courses in which the painter was enrolled, plus an evidence of practical work experience.

Besides the licensing part make sure to search for a portfolio. If you have a bigger project like let’s say painting the full exterior of you house, you may desire someone with extensive previous history. Check for websites as well as social media. (many firms and individual professional tend to post their work online)

Price quota

We’ve reached a sensitive spot. Cost is always an important factor to take into consideration when picking a painter. But it shouldn’t be your no.1 concern.

Many painting professional are doing both exterior and interior painting. It is suggested that you rather pick someone that is specialized in the type of work you need to get done, in order to ensure yourself that you will get your money’s worth.

When asking for the price, ask for a breakdown of the cost and even if at the end of the day it will cost you a bit more, make sure that the materials used are top quality.

Here you go. These are obviously not the only things to take into consideration when hiring a professional painter, but they will for sure give you a helping hand.