How to Plan your Content Placement for Bulk Flyers

Flyers are known to be one of the most effective marketing tools in the industry. They are versatile, portable, have great scope for design innovation and are incredibly easy to distribute. However your flyers will not contribute much business value until you put some thought into the appropriate content. Remember that your flyers have only a very short time in which to impress customers.

Design a stunning headline

In those precious 5 seconds a potential customer gives your flyer the headline is the most sought after element. Make sure that the content of the headline is simple and put across in bold clean font. The letters should be attention grabbing so put some thought into the appropriate words. Include keywords that are powerful and invites the audience to go into much more depth.

Put in a stunning image

The right kind of picture can speak more than a thousand words. The artistry your designers put in the image will help capture the attention of your audience. Make sure that the image is relevant to the nature of your business though as otherwise it will simply detract value from your intended message. The correct image selection can dramatically increase the chances of marketing success. The image in your flyers should be of good quality and preferably rendered in colour.

Mail them

When you send out your bills or queries via post, you should slip in the flyers. This way, every person who receives you mail will get your flyer. In addition, you can send out the flyers via post to many people from the directory.

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