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How to Prepare To Get Your House Painted?

Do you think it’s time to get your house repainted? You may have decided to hire professional residential painters to get your job done. But you have some responsibilities before handing it over to them. Here are few things that you should consider.

Estimate your budget

You need to pay for the raw materials, painters and may be some hidden and unexpected expenses. So set a budget aside before you start finding professional residential painters. Verify their current rate and do not assume that the rate you had paid last time you painted would still remain the same. Get to know the current market price of the raw materials and the painters.

Find the right residential painters

Before you zero in on the team of residential painters, consider the below factors.

Collect some information about the residential painters

Your neighbours, friends or relatives may be the best source. Consider their advice and ask them about their experience. Make sure their experience is recent. There is no point verifying about the painters who had painted the house years ago. You cannot even guarantee they still exist.

Contact the residential painters in person

Talking to the professionals would boost your confidence. You can personally interview them before you decide on hiring them.

Ask the painters to visit your house

Before you fix a price and a contract with the residential painters, let them visit your home. This helps them to prepare. It would also not have situations where the painters increase the price saying there were too complicated areas.

Ask for samples

Verify how the residential painters work by asking the samples of their previous work. This is the best way to be sure how well they work. Also make sure the samples are genuine.

Decide the colours

The colour schemes should be decided before-hand. Ask the painters to provide the catalogue and check out the paint colours that you think would suit the house. The professional residential painters can help you in choosing the right colours as they are more experienced. You could also choose to retain the same colours. In that case, inform the painters about your decision.

Use quality paint

If you have taken up the responsibility of buying the paints, purchase the right brands. It would sometimes be a better choice to ask the painters to get the paint if they are reliable. But demand good quality paint.

Clear the room

Your painters may cover the house before stating to paint. But to be on the safer side, remove all the prized possessions from the area being painted. Do not leave any items that would not get cleaned if the paint accidentally falls on them. Also ensure the painters cover the electrical points carefully to avoid any accidents.

Once you are done with all this, you can leave the house in the hands of professional residential painters Perth and monitor them.