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How to Select Backflow Preventers

The water pipes which carry water into the houses are usually fixed with backflow prevention devices to let the water pass in a single direction without getting mixed with the contaminated water. These preventers are available in various types depending upon the hydraulic needs such as pressure or flow of water.

Consider the Hazards

Backflow prevention is usually selected based on the degree of the hazards which the backflow of water can cause. While the contamination of drinking water due to discolorization, change in taste or smell is considered as a low degree of hazard, water contamination which may lead to illness or death is considered as a high degree of hazard. Thus prevention of high degree hazards becomes much important while you select the preventer.

Application area

The industry in which the backflow preventers need to be installed has to be considered before selecting one. While preventers for irrigation industry requires a vacuum breaker a fire sprinkler preventer needs a bypass detector to be placed on the preventer, industries such as hotels or hospitals need continuous water supply and have to be installed with preventers which have multiple connections or assemblies originating from a single preventer.

Vacuum breakers

During a high and low hazard situation a backflow preventer should be equipped with an atmospheric vacuum breaker and pressure vacuum breaker which maintains non-continuous pressure and also continuous pressure by closing the valve below the preventer when backflow occurs and opening a lid on the top of the preventer for the air to flow in and reduce the vacuum which is present in the preventer.

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