HR Managers’ Role to Prevent Petty Politics at the Workplace

Politics at a workplace is an issue that needs to be settle immediately. It will surely affect the entire atmosphere in your workplace. The human resource managers are responsible for maintaining proper discipline among team members. They can effectively take steps to avoid petty politics taking place at workplace.

Personal Interaction

Most of the employees responsible for ruining the discipline in the office consider themselves as over smart, and think that they can easily get promoted in the office by creating misunderstandings among various employees.

Human resource managers should personally interact with such employees, and explain them the whole situation, and how their behaviour is creating a mess at the workplace. Problem employee should know it that he/she has become into the radar of management, and each and every action of his/her is getting noticed. .

Overload with Work

The trouble employees creating politics in the office means they have a lot of spare time and they don’t have much work to do in the office. For team building, it’s vital to overload such employees with work.

As they finish their work, keep the next work prepared for them in advance. When the problem employees won’t get time to interact with other employees and speak ill about other employees, the ambience of the office will become more calm and cooperative.

Shift Place

Should the office area have large space, shift the problem employee to the most desolated area of the office, where he/she cannot find other employees to interact. Human resource managers can also shift their seat close to their cabin to keep a strict watch on the trouble employee. After all it’s the duty of HR manager to maintain cordial and amicable atmosphere in the office.

It is important for the HR managers to to look also for some other ways to resolve such workplace issue. .