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Important Factors to Consider When Hiring Skip Bins

We all have those times when we have lots of waste to dispose of. It could be because of spring cleaning the home or renovations both domestic and industrial. At such times, it is very necessary that the waste is disposes of responsibly. This is why you should consider hiring skip bins from GT Skips These bins will make your work much easier. But hiring the bins is not a simple matter of ordering for one and tossing your residue and that is over and done with. There are important factors that must be put into consideration regardless of who you hire the bins from and why you hire them.

Getting the Right Size of Bins

When hiring skip bins, size matters and it is generally better to hire a bin that is slightly bigger than what you need. You don’t want the bin getting overfilled and exposing you to the payment of additional fees. You could also find yourself in a situation where the truck is unable to lift the bin and the waste has to be removed from the bin prior to the lifting.

Consider the Categories of Waste

Waste should always be categorized and separated because if this is not done suitably, you might attract fees from the disposal facilities as well as the waste extermination companies. There is general waste and there is what is known as mixed heavy waste. There is also bricks and concrete waste and then there is dirt and clay. Then there is green waste. Legislation in different regions of Australia dictates that the person who generates waste is the one who should be held responsible for arranging the waste in an orderly manner. The three waste categories must be arranged accordingly so that they do not pose any risks to people since this eases their management and proper disposal.

Provide Clear Paths for Collection of Waste

When you hire skip bins, you must ensure that there are clear paths for the collection by the skip. You must ensure that no vehicles block the truck so that it has easy access and can collect the bin unhindered. You should also ensure that the truck is able to reverse and has enough room for movement and maneuvering. Council regulations about placing a skip bin on council land are very strict and you will probably require a permit if you have no room and you have to place the skip bin on such land. This includes roads, pathways and easements as well as any land that is demarcated as public.

What You Need to Know About Asbestos

Asbestos is a factor when you are hiring skip bins. While in most cases, this type of material is found in roofing and wet areas, there are certain materials used at home which might contain asbestos. These include floor tiles, gutters, adhesive materials and wall sheeting. You should never put yourself at risk because the slightest exposure to asbestos can pose serious health complications. If you suspect that your waste contains asbestos, get in touch with a removal company so that the material can be inspected.