Important Questions Before Loft Renovation

When you are considering loft renovation there is a lot of stuff you can do. However if you have the answers to some basic questions then you will be able to prioritize right.
How big are the proportions of the renovated loft? Will you be able to fit in a single bed or a twin bed? Can you arrange for enough head height which makes it easy to get in and out of bed?

Where will you arrange to put the electricity points? This must be decided before you hire handymen and workmen to start off on the building works.

What do you do with the stuff which was previously stored in the loft? Can you recycle/ distribute/ donate/ use it in an economical and safe way?

How noise prone is your loft. Are the divisions between the loft and the major rooms strong enough to stop loud sounds from travelling?

How are the air circulation, light flow and ventilation? Do you have an adequate system in place to heat up your renovated space in the winters?


Additional maintenance tips

Tell the handyman service to remove the sashes from the frame before they start a fresh painting job. When the upper sash is being painted it should be pulled down to expose the entire surface area. Make sure that all three sides of the sash, the lower part of stiles and the sleazing bars are painted to perfection. The runners mostly remain hidden to view so they shouldn’t be painted.

The clue here is to always use good quality paints from reputed brands as cheap ones can contain harmful chemicals that will corrode your windows.