Interior Designers or Interior Decorators. What Do You Need?

You want to do a few changes in your home, and you have decided to ask the help of an expert. But while surfing the internet, you see that some list their work as interior designers, while others as interior decorators.

This can be quite puzzling. So which one do you need?

Interior decorating and interior design are usually mistaken for the same thing, but although there are some similarities between them, they are not to be confused. Here is a short comparison between the two terms to help you understand which one you need.

What is Interior Design

School – interior designers require formal training and specific schooling. They have to study fabrics and colors, furniture design, computer-aided design, architecture, space planning and more. After graduating, interior designers usually apprentice with an established, registered interior designer before they move on and start their own companies.

Credentials – in some provinces, interior designers have to pass an exam and register with a governing council before they are allowed to practice their profession.

What they do – designers can help you renovate and design interiors, from drawing the floor plan to placing the last aesthetic accent. They work hand in hand with contractors and architects to get the design the client wants, whether it is a house, apartment, office, hotel, school or any other interior space.

What is interior decorating

School – an interior decorator does not need schooling or formal training, because they just focus on the aesthetics of the place. They do not take part in structural planning and renovations, and they only focus on the surface of the space.

Credentials – there are many courses and programs available for decorators, which usually focus on fabric and color, space planning, room layouts and more.

What they do – interior decorators can help you decide on a color scheme, style, accessories or furniture. They usually work with upholsterers, furniture makers, and other industry professionals.

So who should I hire?

Whether you need interior designers or decorators, only depends on what work you need to get done. For removing walls, adding new windows, moving plumbing and adding doors you need an interior designer. If you just need to choose a style, paint, wallpaper or furnishings, then a decorator will do the work.

In the end, making the right choice depends on what you are hiring that person to do, and not a question of job titles.