International Furniture Removalist Services

Moving to a new country is an exciting and enjoyable experience. We all become internationally mobile, likely to change jobs or in search of a better quality of life. Relocation companies take care of your packing and preparing the pieces of furniture but also personal belongings. They are also in charge of the necessary documentation for making the international move requested by you. The international transport is made in a professional manner and with minimal stress for the beneficiary.

Making international movements can be stressful, and the need to have a company specialized in furniture removalist that can handle all the details of such a complex task is essential.

Either we’re talking about all the objects in your home or the entire company or just a few items, furniture removalist can provide the necessary assistance and advice for making international moves all over the world. In the timeframe requested by you, using its own fleet of vehicles and employees with great experience, to satisfy the requests for the relocation.

When it comes to international furniture removalist, you can search and see which companies offer the best prices and services on the market.

Some of the main things you need when completing an international movement:

  • Preparing the necessary documentation for relocation (contracts, property insurance, documents for customs)
  • Packing personal items in special boxes by the furniture removalist (hanger boxes for clothing, bubble wrapping kitchen wear)
  • Unmounting the furniture, labeling it and packaging in bubble wrap, double cardboard and stretch film
  • Loading the truck, balancing weights for a big distance and facilitate the smooth passage of the customs checking
  • Preparing a “packing list” of the assets
  • Transport to the country of destination
  • Unloading the truck depending on the requirement and room layout
  • Assembling furniture and placing the positions indicated by you
  • Unpacking belongings
  • Collecting materials related to relocation (cupboards, plastic material)
  • International transport requires a more rigorous packaging due to the distance and a correct placement in the truck to ensure the integrity of the objects.

A good communication with valuable information, clear and concise with the person in charge of planning the relocation is absolutely necessary. Things need to be clear and understood so that it all goes according to your wishes, knowing all the fine-tuned aspects from the start without hidden cost. Choose to have professional packing of your goods for their safety and also to protect the furniture, appliances or other fragile objects during handling and transportation!