Jobs in the Food Industry

The restaurant business in Thailand is booming and as an expat it will be easy for you to find a job there. If you happen to possess a hotel management degree then you can find a good position as the head waiter or sous chef. Otherwise you will have to content yourself with managing the cash register or clearing the tables.

Commercial refrigerator is an important equipment in restaurant, department stores or even in our home.

Jobs as an English teacher

This is a cakewalk if English is your mother tongue. People from western countries form a major portion of the tourist population in Thailand and yet Thai natives are famous for their broken, difficult to understand accent. So you can use your natural good English speaking skills to set up your own English language class or join a spoken English training institute as a faculty.

Most jobs offered to expatriates in Thailand are of a contractual variety so it’s advisable to know more about the terms and conditions of the offered job before you actually start to work in Thailand.

Engineering jobs

There is a dearth of mechanical and engineering skills in the native population of Thailand and this why many leading companies send engineers on expatriate packages to Thailand.

This kind of expat package will include insurance, housing and accommodation and transport facility. You will be expected to keep visiting Thailand on and off to work on offshore projects.

Getting an expat package is a plum deal and it’s not going to be that easy. The best approach would be to contact companies that you know will appreciate your unique set of skills. Send in a well documented covering letter along with your resume.

Team building has been proven to be an effective way to remove any barriers between the management and it’s subordinates. Furthermore, studies shows that it is a good way on developing further the strengths and addressing the weaknesses of the employees and management as a whole.