Let the Fun Begin at Photo Booth Hire

If you want to do away with the usual party games that you encounter in parties, why don’t you hire a photo booth and let the real fun begin. It is ideal for all occasions and young and old alike will surely get delighted in having their pictures taken at photo booth hire. Listed below are the factors to consider when hiring a photo booth for your party:

Booth size and crop

Photo booths come in different sizes. The bigger, the better, so more people can fit into the photo booth hire and take a group photo. It is so much fun to see people squeeze in inside the booth for some priceless pictures. Cropping is also important. Choose a company that offers a cropping in a vertical way so the print-out can be used for portraits and more people can fit-in in a vertical photo.

Quality of pictures

Choose a photo booth hire that has professional-looking print-outs. The pictures must be bright and crisp. There are some companies that save on money, so the lighting of the booth is affected. The resulting print-outs are grainy.

Image size

Choose a photo booth company that produces high-quality pictures that can be enlarged. These photos are mementos from a very happy occasion and you must be able to have them printed in a bigger size as a remembrance.

Back-up procedures

Choose photo booth hire Sydney that provides back-up equipments like the camera, flash, computer, printer, etc. In any event, you will never know when something will go wrong. It is better to be prepared than sorry, and back-up equipments are essential. Moreover, inquire as to how long they keep the files in the hard drive, just in case, you lose your copy. Most photo booth companies keep their files for a long period of time so clients can always have their prints re-copied.


Research the company’s reputation and make sure that they only have positive feedbacks from their clients. In this way, you can have a peace of mind that the photo booth hire will not disappoint you and your guests on that special day.


Lastly, always read the contract before affixing your signature on it. Take note of the number of hours that you can use the photo booth hire.

Let the fun begin. Make the most outrageous pose. Be creative and make it a contest as to who can make the most imaginative pose in the photo booth.