Line Markings for Indoor Sports Courts

In multidisciplinary sports complexes, white lines are used to demarcate the court for the most frequently played sport while yellow is used for marking lines for the next most favoured sport. Blue and red are used respectively to demarcate areas for sports that are less frequently played. Border lines should also be etched to clearly mark out the minimum space to be left open around the courts for safety of players, viewers and other participants.


More durability

Using waterproof paint has several advantages, chief among them being durability. Marking lines on sports complexes involves a lot of money and hassles because of which it is not possible to reapply the lines time and again. When you use waterproof paints, you are sure of the lines staying in place no matter the load of traffic or how often the court is washed.


Easy maintenance

Lines marked with waterproof paint are of course very easy to maintain. You can wash, clean and scrub them the way you want without the fear of smudging or washing them off. This is what you want and that is why professional line markers always use waterproof paint to draw lines even on indoor courts.


Contact Professionals for Marking Lines

Always get your line marking done by professional Line Marking Brisbane that have experienced people and the right tools to do a top-quality job. This companies can mark out lines on all types of floors such as synthetic surface, poured rubber or timber. The products and procedure use by them conform to the present government standard so that you can be absolutely sure about the quality of work.

Line markings are also needed on the road, warehouses and carparks!

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