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Logo Design 101

A picture they say is worth a thousand words and the same can be said for a logo as it also includes a picture. A logo is the first thing that represents a company’s brand relating the company’s image to customers and stakeholders. These logos are usually well thought out and planned before the concept becomes a reality. The logos of companies promote the business even without adverts and keep the company in the thoughts of individuals. The power of a logo design is not to be underestimated because at the end of the day, the company is usually associated with the logo. See

Logo design most times do not have to incorporate words into them as merely the image of it makes the consumers aware of whom it represents. For a company like “Nike” that has been around for ages, customers just have to see its logo and not the name to know the company’s weight is behind it. A lot of companies on the path of conquering the global market need to be able to relate their brand to a logo so that the company does not have to worry about imaging. There are a lot of design companies that offer logo design as part of their company branding package even a good PR firm would encourage getting a logo that customers can associate companies with.

The fact that there are a lot of companies offering services out there does not mean the first company has to be jumped at. A lot of these companies come with an attractive package but have murky depths and offer low quality services. The fact that the company is the first thing that pops up on a search engine and can be seen on various ads does not mean they can be taken at face value. Companies that can offer quality services can confidently rely on their strength and do not need aggressive adverts to draw customers.

A logo does not have to be something flashy or accompanied by special effects to make it standout. Keeping it simple yet memorable goes a long way in making it stand out as special effects may just make it appear gaudy. Either you get recommendations from trustworthy companions or you carry out extensive research by yourself before making a committed decision in entrusting the image of your business to them. Remember that all that glitters is not gold and a design company with an attractive package might not necessarily transfer into the services they offer clients.