Maintenance Tips For Air Conditioning System

Hiring Brisbane air conditioning repairs is important as it can help lower the electricity bill, or needing to replace the system. Many air conditioning repairs companies also offer regular maintenance services, but many times you can do the maintenance yourself.

Doing the maintenance yourself can save you a lot more on energy, and save money of replacements. The best time to do maintenance is before the cooling season starts, so you will be able to book the air conditioning repairs service, before the rush starts.

Outside the house maintenance tips:

Twice a year, wash down the unit. Start by turning off the system at both the thermostat and the breaker box. Then using a hose, wash down the unit until it is clean. Then wait for an hour before turning the power back on to make sure that the unit inner has time to dry so it is not damaged.

Try to have the system looked at by an air conditioning repairs company at least once a year. This will cover any maintenance needed both on the inside and outside the house. It will also tell you if there looks like there will be problems with the system in the near future. The best option is to have this done twice a year, but you can just do this once a year if you do not have the budget for two visits.

Try to keep the area around and above the system cleaner. The best thing is to keep tall grass and weeds at least 2 feet away from the system at all times. The system should also be around 5 five away from plants like trees, and objects create shadows that would cover the system.

Inside maintenance tips:

Try to keep the thermostat at 25 degrees, as these is what most air conditioning systems work the best at. Also change the air filter monthly, as air filters can collect a lot of dust in a short time period, and can cause the air to not enter the room at normal rates, or can cause dust to be pushed into the room. Also close doors with the air conditioning turned off in rooms you are not using. This saves on power, and how hard the system has to work to keep the house cool.

If you ever notice ice on the air conditioning system. Turn the unit off at the breaker box, as the system is damaged. Make sure to call and have an air conditioning repairs company look and fit the system, before using it again.