Your air conditioning repairs services and maintenance will take care of all major issues that can affect the health of your AC. Apart from fixing your AC when it has broken down completely; some of their functions include the following.

Conducting periodic checks to see how well your AC power unit is operating. Maintaining and regulating refrigerant quantities and stable gas pressure levels. Polishing and cleaning up the burner and electric coils. Checking to see if the air filters are working and replacing them if necessary. Examining the condition of the insulation and piping and immediately sealing any cracks or leaks. Ensuring proper calibration of the thermostat of your air conditioning unit. Checking the source of any unusual vibrations or noises originating from your AC.


Any good air conditioning services and maintenance agency will abide by the standards set in the “Australian Standard AS 1668.2-2002”. Do check whether the air conditioning repair services have a valid license and an updated certificate from the Department of Fair Trading, before you hire them.

AC filter cleaning can be done at home, but when it comes to disinfection of the unit or cleaning up the coils or accumulated debris, you need to call Commercial air conditioning Brisbane.

A Word of Caution

Don’t cover the outdoor unit while running your AC as it will prevent the machine from cooling your rooms. Don’t stack your lawn furniture, garden leaf bags and other materials on your outdoor condenser unit. And definitely do not try to protect your outdoor condenser unit from the elements with a protective cloth.