Manage the burden of Shipping Costs

If your customers are sitting in Australia, competing with the sellers who ship from their will be extremely difficult. The boom in ecommerce means you have the whole world available to you as a market, but they may not be willing to buy a $2 product and pay $10 for the shipping.

For a big company it may not be a problem at all. They have got shipping volumes, and as such can negotiate a deal with the shippers and freight forwarders, but if you are among the thousands of small and medium businesses shipping to Australia from USA, this will be a significant problem for you.




The most important thing to do is compare the various options available. Remember that traditional postal and courier services are not the only option. The different carriers who are out there offer different advantages; each of them has a different strength. You need to choose your carrier based on your destination within Australia, the bulk of the goods and the type of goods.

But a SME may not be in a position to have accounts with different companies that offer shipping to Australia from USA. One solution is companies like ShippingEasy. They offer a one stop solution that allows you to compare and pick the best carrier for your business. They negotiate with shipping companies based on combined volumes from multiple SMEs, and passing the saving to their clients.

Another point to take note of is that shipping within the US is much cheaper than shipping to Australia. So, one of the ways to save shipping costs is to use a local US address to first consolidate everything that a customer want, and then send out single shipment to Australia. This way you can save up to 30 to 40% of the shipping costs. This may not necessarily be possible for individual buyers, but if your client is a business who has multiple suppliers in the US, the consolidation is among the best options for shipping to Australia from USA.

If you have a good product, and are sure that customers in Australia will be willing to buy it in large combined volumes, one of the ways to reduce the shipping cost is to stock some of your products in Australia. This way, when you make a sale there, instead of charging $10 for shipping you can charge something in the tune of $5. The reduction in the effective cost of the goods could also result in a slight increase in the volumes.

Listed above are some of the techniques that will help you save some money off the shipping bills, and help you expand your business globally.