Materials used for corporate signage

When a company seeks to have their own corporate signage, one of the things that are highly considered by the printing company these business owners chose are the location of where the corporate signage should be placed and what effects their client wishes to have. The reason for this consideration is that printing companies know what materials fit their customer’s requirements and additionally, they can discuss what materials are better for the environment the customer wishes to display their signage. Here are three materials often offered by printing companies that offer corporate signage services.

Corrugated plastic

Corrugated plastic is one of the materials used in corporate signage. With this material, it is rest assured that corrugated plastic signs are easy to install and maintain. Another advantage of using corrugated plastic is that it is lightweight and detailed designs pose no problems with it as it can easily handle printing. Although corrugated plastic can be used outdoors, it is better suited for use indoors as corrugated plastic has only a limited toleration of the elements, especially against heat. When left outside for too long under the heat of the sun, corrugated plastic can be deformed.


Another material used for corporate signage is acrylic. Acrylic is perfect for creating a signage that is meant to be displayed in lobbies as acrylic signs are highly versatile. The sky is the limit when it comes to acrylic signs as these can be made to have lights glowing at the back to emphasize the design, appear to have a protective glass in front of it or even used to create small sign boards! Acrylic signs are installed by bolted, glued or riveted onto the walls. Using acrylic comes with a price as care should be observed at all times when installing it to prevent scratches.


Metal signs are the best candidates for corporate signage meant for outdoor use. Without a doubt, signs made out of metal will definitely be tough enough to survive even harsh weather conditions such as heat, rain and even snow. Despite its ability to weather through whatever environment it is used, metal signs are bear elegant prints and with an additional coating of baked enamel or powder-coat paint, it can definitely boost the look of the metal sign. Despite its durability and appearance, metal signs are more or less hard to install and some means of installing them are staked on poles and wired or bolted on walls.

Whatever material you preferred, let the professional touch of Melbourne corporate signage maker do it for you.