Make a Switch and Start Using Men’s Organic Skin Care Products

Why would you continue using women’s organic skin care products when men’s skin is entirely different from women? As a man, you need to know that there is a mark difference between the skins of the two sexes. Your skin is thicker, thus, there are men’s organic skin care products that you can purchase online. It is time to make an intelligent switch and begin using organic products that are made specifically for you and you. Listed below are the reasons why you need to switch to organic skin care products that are made for men:


1) You have more facial hairs than women, thus, you need to apply facial wash, toners, and moisturizers that are powerful to penetrate your skin pores. The men’s organic skin care products are made from plants which have not been treated with harsh chemicals. Thus, the products will not cause any stinging and irritations.

2) Your primary hormone is the testosterone. This hormone is responsible for making your skin oilier than women’s skin. The organic skin care products that are designed to touch on the oiliness of men’s skin will reduce grease and prevent the appearance of black heads and acne.

3) Men perspire heavier than women. The shampoos will control grease to prevent dandruff. It is a misconception that dandruff is due to dry scalp, when in fact it is actually due to oily scalp. This is the reason why men are more prone to dandruff than women because of the hormone testosterone. Now you can find men’s organic skin care products online that will lessen the greasiness on your scalp.

4) Men engage in sporting endeavors longer than women. Because of this, you need to apply foot powder made for men to prevent athlete’s foot and foul odor.

5) Men’s skins are denser so you need moisturizers for men. The men’s organic skin care products are available online and you can select moisturizers for your skin type- dry, oily or combination. The moisturizers will reduce fine lines and prevent pre-mature aging. After several days of usage, you will begin to notice mark difference like smoother complexion.

Stop using products for women. Men’s organic skin care products have been researched and tested to improve the texture of the skin and reduce greasiness on scalp and the skin. Time to switch and use products that are designed for you.