Microwave Leakage Testing Service

Every time a microwave oven is switched on, radioactive energy is emanated in all directions. These waves of energy vibrate the water particles in the food rapidly which produces the heat that warms or cooks food. However, this same energy can easily penetrate living tissue which is why it can become harmful to human health. Continuous exposure to such high degree of heat can cause hyperthermia and permanent tissue burn in humans.

When do Microwaves Leak

Microwaves leak when the sealing around the oven door becomes slack due to continuous use over the years. Slamming the oven door, debris or food particles stuck between the hinges and door seals or simple wear and tear associated with regular use are the prime causes of microwave leakage. Although the radiation stops when the machine is switched off, but as long as it is working, you are exposed to the dangerous yet invisible rays. Any tiny gap between the oven and its door becomes an escape route for the waves that can cause irreparable damage to human health.

What happens during the Test

Once you opt for a microwave leakage test, the service provider will conduct a thorough visual inspection to check for safety issues according to AS/NZS 60335.2.25 and AS/NZS 3760:2010 (Australian safety standard for household and other similar appliances). The technicians will then conduct a specific inspection for radiation including checking the radiation levels around the microwave oven using a leakage detector. They will also conduct a thorough electrical safety analysis in accordance to the stipulations of AS/NZS 3760:2010. Once the procedure is over and the microwave passes all tests, a certificate mentioning the power and radiation levels will be affixed on the front door of the oven so that users will know they are using a safe gadget with minimum risk of radiation.\