Phases Of Web Developer

Building a career as a web development shall be quite interesting and of course with lots of up and downs. You will be a reason for neighbors envy, and they might be thinking that you are a “Money generator” for them! The life of web designers and developer rather than of full of enjoyment involves many steep slopes of frustration, pressure and enlightenment in between.

A few phases of web developer’s life with funny memes have delineated below. Have a glance at it!

A Noob

Everyone has a feeling “what’s going all around” during an early stage of our career. Similar is the case of a web development. As like life of frog out of well, the same way every code seems to be a mystery and quest for the developer. Even <div> appears to be the toughest quest for the new coder. Noob phase is intimating, scary though a quite exciting stage of their life.

Learning HTML is the baby’s first step in web developer’s career.

A complete frustration

Each time you step ahead in your career, you finds yourself lost in the dark cave. With a hope of lights shimmering ahead, you step forward. A speckle of light in your web development career will be a kickoff, though a very little hope at initiative! If you find yourself frustrated that too overwhelming, find a place where your mind feels peace and calmness!

Rather than running away from the situation, stick with it and reach your “Done it” phase.

Done it Moment

“Aha” did it! This feeling is the best feeling as like conquering the castle! This feeling arises in web developer’s life when he has learned the coding and can now do it on his fingertips. It is the phase when you are now masters in the web developing world can the world touching your feet! An amazing feeling when you have learned the coding!

Hence, it is quite natural and obvious when codes become an art you will rock in your web development world. A perfect knowledge in code creation, make things easy for you climbing the ladder of success. It will be indeed an amazing experience. However, every beginner has to face problems earlier to have a smooth and finished future. As the famous adage says, “Diamonds are obtained after thousands cutting.” Similarly, to have masters in the web developing, you need to skip off your nights of sleep and get complies for fun. There is no stage to stop learning. Practice makes man perfect. Similarly, intensive practicing over coding will make you master of your field. You can visit web development Gold Coast for more professional tips in web design services.