Photo Booth Ideas for Your Party

A portable Adelaide photo booth hire with automated photographic gear is a great way to capture the essence of any get together. Your guests enter the booth, strike various poses and press a button. The automatic system takes the snaps. Your guests can collect the prints in a minute. The snaps are perfect reminders of the event.

Use wooden partitions to create a booth in a corner of the party venue. Decorate it according to the theme of the party. Photobooths are now used as added attraction in may occassions like birthdays, graduations weddings and may more.

Adding props in the photo booth makes for a lot of fun. Have a wide collection of items for your guests.


Backdrop Inspirations

You can hang sheets or tablecloths or paste paper on the walls for the background. Use colours and motifs appropriate for the occasion.

A little bit of imagination goes a long way in creating an awesome backdrop for the booth. You can use a foam board for the background. Paint the board with fluorescent colours. You may paste sequins to create a dazzling effect. Check here.


Charades for the Booth

Most children feel conscious while being photographed. You can organize a game of charades for them when they enter the booth. Place a box outside the photo booth with commands on slips of paper. Instruct each child to pick op a chit and act according to the instructions on it. The kids will enter into the spirit of the game and lose their inhibitions when they enter the booth and act upon the commands written on the slips.

Printed balloons are necessary for your party. These can be use to events like wedding, birthdays or any corporate parties.