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Have you already tried to rummage through your old stuff, and then you came across an old photograph? Birthday, weddings and other life celebrations are sure to have that picture perfect moment, that when you look at the faded photograph, you would surely feel that sense of nostalgia and a longing to be at that moment once again. Sadly, the newer generation is starting to lose this kind of privilege. Scrolling through the smartphone cameras roll and reliving the memories would never be as fun and as exciting as those old faded photographs being passed around by family members in a reunion, while laughing and reliving each moment captured.

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This is most probably why hiring a photobooth to parties make sense. Photobooth, is also digital, yet it provides a unique and entertaining way of capturing the smiles of the party guests. They can take group pictures, solo pictures in fancy backgrounds. Not only that, they can also wear those instant funky costumes that comes with the package that most photobooth offer. What’s more, the guests would never leave your party empty handed, for they would be able to bring home a copy of their pictures – a souvenir they can keep for a lifetime.

 Pose for Group Pictures

Smartphones offer a more convenient way of capturing moments. Although taking selfies and groufies are already made easier by monopods, it’s much more fun when someone else holds the camera. Every face is surely seen in the picture and everyone can do whatever with their hands during a wacky shot.

 Take A Unique Shot

The instant funky costumes are definitely a plus. It’s not everyday you can take a selfie wearing a cowboy hat or nursing a curly blond hair. The point is, smartphone selfies can be for everyday use. Be unique and style for once since there’s a special day going on.

 Bring the Memories Home

Printed copies of the picture are given to each person in the picture, so everyone is sure to bring home a copy. Unlike taking pictures using your phone, photobooths saves you time printing your pictures. All you have to do is wait for a few minutes (or less) and you already have you tangible memory of the the day. Now if you worry about soft copies and still want those digital versions, no need to worry. Because photobooths also offer the digital copies of the pictures which you can have in a CD or download from their websites.

Special moments are priceless. Make sure to capture it for keeps and try to visit www.suavephotobooth.com.au for a great photo booth service.