Picking Tops that Matches a Leggings

Caftans are long tops and they reach to the bottom of calf. If you wisely wear them, they certainly can give you a fabulous look. Tall women can wear them freely, but shorter women have to be bit careful and should prefer wearing caftans having length up to knees.

Mini Dresses

You can wear leggings along-with mini black dresses. Generally, women not very flattered with their legs have to kill their love for mini dresses. But leggings can make it possible for them, even to wear micro mini dresses. Wearing leggings beneath mini dresses can give you a great look. Look for mother of the bride plus size online now.

Asymmetrical Tops

Asymmetrical tops are tops with different lengths from front and back. These tops are long form the back and short from the front. These tops paired with leggings can give you an absolutely sexy look. You can find a wide variety of asymmetrical tops in a fashion boutique.


If you have lean and slim figure, you can pair blouse with legging. Blouse with legging is out of league fashion outfit. This revolutionary form of style and fashion can be worn in parties or even team building events with ease and will keep all the eyes fixed on you.

Denim Jackets or Blazer

You can wear denim jackets and blazers, pairing them with leggings. They look elegant and you’re your outfit a formal look. You can try wearing printed leggings to give it a casual look.

A fashion boutique keeps stock of all the latest style tops in display. You just have to keep in mind your age group before making your choice.

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