Planning Tips for Moving House

Do you have to move to a new house and it already has become a nightmare for you? Calm down and plan your move with a peaceful mind. Start preparing for the moving in advance. An organized planning will save you money and at the same time will bring down your stress.

Start Packing in Advance

Don’t wait for the last day to come,start your preparation for moving to the new house at least two weeks before the move. Make a list of inventory and start packing your items in a safe way into sturdy boxes.

Mark them with various colours so that you don’t have to face problems at the time of unpacking. For instance, you can mark boxes containing kitchen items with yellow colour, boxes containing furniture with red colour, so on and so forth.

Book a Removalist

Book a removalist in advance and provide him all the details like, your present address, your new address, the approximate estimation of the number of items, so that he can send the right size of truck for carrying your removals.

Keep him informed about the date of your move and get a written slip from him, which would include the amount of payment you have made, address of your current home, address of the home you are planning to move.

Update the New Address with All the Departments

Update your new address with all the departments requiring your address in their details, such as car registration, electoral enrollment, bank account, drivers license, household, health and car insurance, taxation office and others.

To prevent the scratches on your wooden floor, you need to trim the nails of your pets and advise your children not to drag their feet and belongings inside your home.

Afyour-landlord-to-buy-an-alarm-system/ter moving into your new house, install a security system like CCTV or motion sensors. Like your AC unit, security system has now become essential for every home.

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