Pollution: Another Aspect of the Changing World

Is the world really changing? The atmosphere at present is it really getting more polluted? With the advent of more industrial companies taking up residence in residential areas, should we be worried about noise pollution amongst other things? Should I be worried about my health due to the ongoing adverse changes in my surroundings?

The above are questions individuals should ask themselves if they find themselves in a situation that is questionable especially to health. Nowadays, industries, clubs, event centers, more vehicles on the road and the likes have taken to spreading their reach into areas that would most likely have been sanctuary for humans. With this recent events and changes, what do we have to worry about as individuals? There are a lot of things to actually worry about the most disturbing issue is the one of pollution. Pollution like we all know has its different types and they are going to be broken down below:

  1. Noise Pollution: this occurs as a result of the sounds caused by human practices, transportation and construction activities. This type of pollution can disturb the natural staying place of animals and cause Ill health and stress for humans. When talking about ill health, situations like hearing impairment are being referred to. As a result of exposure to noisy environment, the ability of the ear to catch sounds gradually turns down and you find yourself having to yell to hear yourself even speak. Some might call it putting the cart before the horse so it is advised that you take an online hearing test free in case it is just a figment of your imagination or something else. Online hearing test free are the go to assessment tool before an official diagnosis is gotten from a doctor. Note that the online hearing test free are not official prognosis, they just aim to guide you in the right direction.
  1. Land Pollution: in the form of garbage, landfills, oil spills and practically anything considered as waste. Also, the use of pesticides and other chemical soil tons can cause land pollution. With the steady increase of industries and means of transportation, these are things to worry about. The environmental agency of Australia aims to control the waste in the country by putting standards and regulations in place which of violated result in sanctions and fines. Land pollution creates an unhealthy environment which can lead to sicknesses like typhoid, gonorrhea etc.
  1. Air Pollution: emissions from the factories animator vehicles gradually affect the ozone layer. Researchers have stated that due to these emissions, the rate of global warming in the world is increasing at a high rate and that’s why you find hotter days and colder nights to be more frequent than they were before.

Other forms of pollution include water, light, thermal etc. Be careful of your environment, if you are a looking for a new home or office site; do not go for industrial locations or congested places which can suffer from the above.