Pre Purchase Property Inspection – What to do after?

After you have the report in your hands, browse through it. Read and try to grasp what it says. It is likely that you may not be able understand most of what’s there in the report, so it’s a very good idea to have the home inspector come over and talk the talk with you.

Ask him to clarify whatever you don’t comprehend in the report. Don’t feel embarrassed. Remember: a silly question asked early is much better than committing a silly mistake later. And besides, you have hired the property inspector, so it’s a part of his job to solve your doubts and queries.

On Priority-Basis

With the report in front of you, and your doubts cleared by the inspector, it’s now time for you to decide what to fix or replace first. If the property you’re going to buy is aging, and has a lot of renovation and repairs which need to be done, make a list.

Not A Specialist

When the home-inspector gives in the pre-purchase inspections report, there are going to be his recommendations against the flaws and defects discovered during the inspection. You need to know and understand that home-inspectors not some sort of specialists.

They are there to merely assist you in recognizing the faults and defected areas in your home for sale. You also have to consult Pest Inspections. After that he will rightly recommend you the solution for the same. And then it is up to you to call in the concerned professionals and get the job done.