Precautions to Take When Allowing School Visits in your Factory

Field trips or school tours could be so much fun if the necessary precautions are taken and carried out well. For school children get to learn a lot on such trips, sometimes to factories, it is probably the best thing for a school to organize at least once a year. Children look forward to such trips and for a reason. They are unalloyed fun. Going out with friends and spending the entire day learning and exploring and having fun make for beautiful memories, not to mention the fact that they also get to learn and experience a lot.

Here some safety precautions when there are school visits in your factory:

Do Not Let Them Wander Off

The first and foremost thing you should take care is not to let the children wander off. Factories are usually big with several heavy machineries and equipments which left unattended could be dangerous. And given the curious nature of children, they are bound to go near them. So before you begin your tour, give them proper instructions on how to stick together with the group, or with a partner assigned to them by their teachers. They should be accompanied even when they want to use the restroom.

Make Teams

There may be plenty of things in your factory and covering every area in a short time could be difficult. So make teams among the children and let each team be led by a different person. This way, you can make them all visit all the important parts of your factory in the given time. This also makes sure they don’t wander off. And if your factory has big and heavy machineries like forklift, the factory person assigned to the team can make sure no child stays away from them.