Quarantine Rule Before Shipping to Australia

Australia is extremely particular about protecting its unique biodiversity against contamination from items that have been shipped from abroad. You will have to follow quarantine procedures if your shipment contains items like animal products, dairy products, soil, seeds, ornamental plants, fruits and vegetables, animal skin, plant cuttings, medical samples, handicraft items etc.

Contact the Australian Quarantine & Inspection Service (AQIS) or go through their online database ICON (Import Conditions Search) in order to get the complete list of items that fall under the quarantine category. If you feel that your shipment contains articles that fall under quarantine category, you must apply for special permission, pay the requisite charges and allow AQIS personnel to open your shipment and check the contents thoroughly for signs of contamination.

The shipment will also have to go through the required quarantine period before it can be claimed by you. In case you don’t follow the procedures correctly, your shipment can be confiscated and the contents destroyed.

Shipment Costs

Shipping a product to Australia can be quite expensive as it is an isolated landmass situated at great distance from other continents. Obviously shipping through sea is always cheaper as compared to transporting through air. Depending on your urgency, you can further reduce costs by selecting for liner vessels that move at their own pace and route but are more affordable when compared to chartered vessels.

If you are relocating, the Australian government offers concessions under the Unaccompanied Personal Effects (UPEs) so that you don’t have to pay high import duty, GST or other taxes for moving your own belongings from another country.