Questions to Ask a Potential Display Expert Before Choosing or Designing your Exhibition Stand

The way you decorate your exhibition stand says a lot about your company. Stylishly designed stalls create a first-class image of your brand whereas a shoddily decorated stand projects your company as a poorly managed organization. Understandably, a lot of thought and careful planning must go into your exhibition designs. If you can’t plan it out yourself, contact professional designers who are experts in designing exhibition stands.

Ask a Lot of Questions

Asking questions is the best way of knowing more about stall layout, colours, combination of text and images and so on. Only a regular display expert can assuage your doubts and provide meaningful tips that will help you to design an outstanding exhibition stand for the trade show. Discuss issues like the basic focus of your display, what you want to achieve, special themes or arrangements and your budget.

The more details you provide the easier it will be for you to understand how to decorate your stand effectively and attractively. However, talk to experts who have previous experience in designing stalls related to your specific industry as each sector has its own demands and focus areas. Discuss with an open mind and be flexible to tips even though you will want to implement your own ideas.

Using Lights in your Stand

The right kind of lighting can make or break your exhibition stand. Improper lighting makes the stand look dark and depressing whereas the right lights at the right places can dramatically transform the space. Use spot lights judiciously as you would want them to focus on your product displays instead of lighting up the entire stall. This dilutes the impact of your displays.