Questions You Should Ask Your Solar Installation Company

Solar power is indeed an environment friendly source of energy. It can power up your TV, AC unit, computers unit and other home appliance. If you are thinking of installing solar panels in your property, there are several questions you need to ask your solar installation company. Investing in solar power will pay off big time for you if you know the right questions to ask.

Do They Offer A Labour Warranty? How Long Does The Warranty Last?

Solar photovoltaic panels and kits are extremely complex systems which need to be installed with precision and expertise by professional, well trained and skilful installers. Improperly installed solar panels can result in frequent replacements and roof damage (leaking roof), both of which can be very expensive.

Reputable solar panel installers usually offer a ten year labour warranty on their installation work. Some offer even more. A few installers may even offer extended warranties on top of the 10 year warranty on parts of their installation work.

How Long Will The Warranty On The Solar Panels Last?

This is another vital question that you need to ask. The first generation solar power consumers had to replace their solar panels every five to 10 years which contributed to the unpopularity of solar panels. But today’s solar panels are long lasting, durable and extremely tough. And if installed properly, they can easily last a lifetime and will not require any replacement.

This is why, majority of the solar service providers offer a 25 year warranty on solar panels. According to the warranty offered by a solar energy service provider, solar panels sold by them should be able to produce (after 10 years of use) at least 90 percent of the original output and eighty percent of the original output after a 25 year use. A warranty like this is the most common and allows you to collect the greatest savings.