Quick Dos and Don’ts When Choosing Suits

Suits are mostly known as a man’s formal wear and perhaps it is one of the best clothing that a man can ever look so dashing in. Suits are comprised of a jacket, a crisp long-sleeved button down shirt and a pair of pants that are made from the same color and material of cloth. It is then accented with a necktie and a pair of formal shoes to complete the attire. There are unspoken rules, however, when wearing suits with the goal in mind that the wearer must look every bit as handsome and comfortable as possible. Here are three simple do’s and don’ts when choosing suits.

Rule #1: Matching Your Belt with Your Shoes and Your Shoes with Your Suit Properly

The belt and the shoes can be a factor in making a suit wearer look outstanding and for events that demand this very clothing, it should work perfectly otherwise it will be a fashion disaster. Picking out a belt and shoes for a suit is easy as the colors of both the belt and shoes should match. The shoe color, in correspondence with the suit, is fairly easy to learn. Darker shades of suits such as black and dark grey should go with black shoes but the lighter ones such light grey and navy can go with either black or brown shoes. A brown colored suit should strictly be paired with a pair of brown shoes.

Rule #2: Know Which Suit Type Goes With the Occasion

There are several types of suits namely a one button suit, a two button suit and even a three button suit to name a few and each individual styles can be suited to be used for different occasions. The one button suit style can be used for formal social functions while the double button is perfect for business-related activities such as job interviews and meetings. The three button suit is another perfect candidate for business but is better suited for the taller men in order to balance the appearance of the suit with their height.

Rule #3: The Suit Must Fit the Client Perfectly

The most important aspect of suits is that it should the client perfectly. These are better off custom made in order to properly fit the mold and shape of the wearer. When it comes to fit, a suit has a lot of considerations. One of which is the fit of the shoulders which should neither extend outwards even in the slightest or even appear that it sticks up at the ends.

Suits are a special kind of investment as it makes clients look dynamic at the same time making them feel like they are wearing a second set of skin. When looking for a suit for a special occasion, you can always trust the most talented tailors to do it for you. Or you can check the to tailor your own suit!