Reasons to Get Smarter through E Learning

E learning is about gaining more knowledge, gaining more information through the internet. The major advantage of this type of learning is the cost. More people are drawn to this concept because they do not have to shell-out a big amount of money in order to learn something new. Listed below are some of the reasons why E learning can make you smarter and more well-rounded person in relation to the profession of your choice:

Online Classes

1) It is cheaper- the employee does not have to pay for transportation as the classroom is the computer of the employee. Training programs must be given to employees for growth and for higher productivity. The company does not have to allocate transportation allowances for the speakers and the employees. It is also cheaper on the part of the administrator because it eliminates the need to pay for classrooms and other teaching devices. In E learning, the administrator just needs to record the presentation and it can be used over and over again. Unlike in traditional classroom setting where the administrator needs to pay the teachers and the venue for learning, such issues are eliminated if learning is done via the internet.

2) No time barrier- employees who are busy at work do not have the luxury of time to learn something new. Thus, E learning will allow the employees to learn the training programs at their most convenient time. The training programs can be accessed via the internet through the many available gadgets such as tablets and smart phones.

3) Higher memory retention- E learning allows for greater memory retention. Since the training programs can be accessed 24/7, the employees can choose the time of the day that they want to go through the training programs. In other words, they customize their learning according to their available time. This in turn leads to better understanding of the materials and the ability to retain more vital information. In E learning, there is such a thing called ‘chunk learning’ where the students or the employees read the materials in chunks and then retain more information. Chunk learning has been proven to be more effective than the classroom setting. Thus, the investment of the company in E learning is more effective than investing in the traditional classroom setting.

4) It is less intimidating- people tend to learn more if they do not fear embarrassment which is the case in E learning.