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Reasons To Use Slumped Glasses Instead

Glasses are an all-time favorite of almost everyone because of how it looks and how it can be used in almost anything. We rarely see a home that has not any glasses in it because there will always be one, may it be the glass for drinking, or the window, or even the wall. Glasses are very versatile and can be used in almost every way that is why it is a material that is loved and appreciated by everybody. Plus, it is not really that expensive that is why it is very easy to have it in the house and use it as windows or walls.

There are many types of glasses but one favorite type of almost everybody is the slumped glass. Slumped glasses are very attractive to look at because of its texture and the way it looks. Many people go for slumped glasses rather than clear glasses mainly because it looks more elegant and it also has some benefits that clear glasses do not offer.

So, here are the benefits of using slumped glasses.

 © gellerglassgallery.com
© gellerglassgallery.com


1. It is unconventional.

There are a lot of people who would prefer clear glasses because it is classic and it looks really elegant. But some people find slumped glasses more appealing. Slumped glasses are basically those glasses that have different shapes and texture on their appearance. You can easily differentiate it with a clear glass because there is that much of a difference. Slumped glasses are shaped in many different shapes like a leaf, or even an odd shape that you never know what shape to call it. It is unconventional because it is almost like a free form shape which is loved and appreciated by almost everybody since it adds glamour to the already elegant glass.  Should you want to have one at home, contact the slumped glass Brisbane.


2. Privacy.

Slumped glasses can actually give you some privacy that you need. When used as walls, the texture of most slumped glasses give a blurry view that is why it gives some privacy to the person using it as a wall. It can be used in showers as a wall separating it from the closet or the lavatory and giving the person on the shower privacy if someone else is also using the bathroom. It would really give the bathroom a whole new look and could really enhance the feel of the bathroom. You will feel like you are in a hotel or in a place where elegance is all over the room.


3. It is easy to maintain.

Slumped glasses are actually easier to maintain and clean than clear glasses. This is because of the texture of the slumped glasses because it has parts that hold all dusts that get on it and when you clean it, you just take out those dusts all at ones. Also, seeing small little annoying fibers that we just can’t take off just like those in clear glasses are not really visible in slumped glasses so these glasses really do look like it is sparkling and cleaned really well.