Reasons why you Shouldn’t keep any Personal matter Secret from your Lawyer

There is a certain misconception that many people have about lawyers. They feel that in order for the lawyer to accept their case, they need to present the facts in the best possible light. However, this has always done more harm than good. Hiding some key factor, keeping some personal matter secret is what lawyers never want. You best option is to provide them with all the facts.  This is why it is never advised to keep something from your lawyer, especially family lawyer Sydney.

Truth leads to success

Judicial proceedings is won based upon whom the panel believes, not what is based upon the merits of the claim. Witness statements, paper trails, photographic and scientific evidence, all lead to the final consequence of what is the truth and what is the lie. Your lawyer will build up the case based of what you tell him or her. If the structure of the case is based on false information or missing information, which you at some point forgot to mention, you case will break and your lose will be inevitable.

Even the most experienced attorney is only as good as the case his client, you, give him. A fine lawyer will know how to get you out of a fix, or device some strategy to minimise your damage. This requires time and planning. If the lawyer finds out about something crucial about you or your case from somewhere else, or if you jump on him with the information at the last moment, rest assured he won’t be of much help to you.