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Remodelling Your Bathroom Vanities

You need to consider the age of the house, the plumbing deficiencies, structural problems etc while remodelling your bathroom. For example your old corrugated plumbing need to be removed before installing new bathroom vanities. The antique fittings need to take the sink and faucet weight or else the renovation would be a complete failure.

Installing the bathroom vanities would completely change the look and feel of your bathroom space. But it is important that you consider practical problems like ventilation, lighting and space while undertaking remodelling. Sometimes your bathroom vanities should be compatible with the new age solutions like solar geysers, harvested wood, VOC paints and other green options. You should take care that your remodelled bathroom vanities do not take in most of your time in future maintenance.

People leading a hectic lifestyle can heave a sigh of relief in a Zen bathroom. Metaphors from the natural world are a part of its existence. Choose colours that share the natural efflorescence of stone or a stream. So designers patronize the grey, taupe or black colours. Proper use of dark and light shades can achieve the desired effect.

Selection of colours

The appropriate colour scheme can transform a trendy bathroom to a timeless one. Test painting is needed to avoid confusion. Choose dark colours for small places. It will create an illusion of space. A visual splendour can be achieved by proper co ordination of colours.

Choosing the right colour for your bathrooms is not at all an uphill task. You can always have the luxury of redoing it.

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