When it comes to air conditioning installation Brisbane it comes down to a pretty simple choice. Either you purchase a split AC or a windows AC. What you choose depends upon the specifications of your home and your unique requirements. There are some factors which can help you make your decision easily and guide you towards the perfect AC for your home.


The components of split and windows AC

There are three types of components in any AC; condenser and evaporator. In a Split air conditioning system, the compressor and condenser are situated in an outdoor unit whereas the indoor unit contains the evaporator. The function of an evaporator is to cool the room and maintain its temperature. Due to the less number of components in the indoor unit split ACs have a sleek design.

Noise pollution

You must know that the government allows only 5 decibels of noise production over the existing sound level for people who have installed air conditioners. In this context the noise producing capacity of the residential air conditioning unit should be checked before you buy it.

You can buy a split AC if you want your home to be quieter and more peaceful as there will be less sound produced inside your home. However the AC unit will produce considerably more noise outside the house and there are increased chances of neighbors complaining.

Whichever choice you make, keep a close watch on your AC to see that it doesn’t produce unusual loud noises.