Side Effects of Sunlight on Polished Floors

Timber Floor, like any organic material will burn and age over time. The UV rays from the sun causes colour degradation and fading. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight will for sure change the colour of any wooden flooring. Different woods react differently to the heat caused because of sunlight. Cherry and oak have a propensity to darken, while other wood floors lighten. Whatever stain or finish you give to your floor, discolouration cannot be stopped. It is wise that you choose to hire a floor sanding agency to get back the shine and beauty of your home.

Choosing hardwood floors

Modern day homes are built in a fashion which allows intense noon heat to dry the floor surface. However, people consider hardwood floors to carpet and laminates as they give a longer life without the need to replace them completely. This option is environment friendly too as recycled materials can be used. You can change the look of your home more frequently, as your wood floor can be polished and refinished various times with the help of home handyman.

Cupping, gapping and discoloration

Degradation from direct exposure causes floor boards to cup. Direct sunlight also causes gapping between your floor boards. When your wooden board loses moisture they start to cup on one side. The heat dries out the board’s top and they start curling upwards.