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Spotting Defective Construction Work

Professional builders should be hire when building your house. One of the main reasons is that your building contractors may not have the required potential to do the job perfectly, and that may lead to many defects in the building. Here are some of the signs of defective construction work.

Glass Doors

Glass doors, especially the sliding ones are quite similar to the defects of the windows and doors. They may be caused mainly due to structural deficiencies and bad products. And then, improper installation will also add to the problem.


Balconies have almost the same problems as those of roofs. Problems with building envelopes are the major cause. Flashing and underlayment will cause cracks in the balconies which result in water intrusion. Then, water accumulation on the decks may just worsen the problem with time. This will cause the deck to deteriorate.


When it rains, the water, instead of draining away from the building, drains towards the building. This causes the exterior concrete to crack. Bad quality concrete may also cause this problem.

Sub-grade Walls

Intrusion of water through sub-grade walls is another sign of defective construction work. If the waterproofing is not installed properly, water may seep through the sub-grade walls and cause cracks. This could compel you to spend a lot of money on the repairs later on.


This is one of the major defects of construction work. Workers might not have mixed the concrete well. Also, the vapour barrier beneath the concrete is not worked out properly. This causes moisture through floors. Hence it is important you get the best building contractors in the business to work on your building. Contact Brisbane renovation companies to avoid any of these from happening.

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