Steps On Floor Stripping

Our floors are the ones who take all of the dirt in the entire house. It is what we are stepping on always and it is what catches everything from dirt to dust. No matter how much we clean our floors every day, there would always come a time that it will lose its natural shine or beauty because of the fact that it has been serving us for far too long and it is time to refresh it or to revive its beauty. This can be done by floor stripping and applying a new floor finish after wards.

Here are the steps on how you can revive the beauty of your floor.

1. Buy the floor finish that would perfectly suit your floor.

There are many types of floor stripper in the market today. Not everything is suitable for all types of flooring especially to hard words. So before purchasing the floor stripper that you are aiming to purchase, you need to make sure that you have read the label at the back of it and understand how it should be applied or use and to what kind of floors will it be effective. This is to make sure that you are properly stripping your floor without damaging it further or making it look uglier.


2. Get yourself an electric floor scrubber.

If you have the money to buy the equipment then go ahead and purchase it so that the next time you do the same procedure you can just reuse it but if you do not have the money to buy the equipment then rent one. The electric floor scrubber is a very good tool to use when you are stripping floors because of the fact that it enables you to work fast and saves you from doing a manual work which would be very tiring in your part and you might not be able to finish the entire process. The floor scrubber will eliminate the entire residue and will suck up all that is on the floor for you. So you will not have to do the work manually.



3. Remove all the unnecessary things on the floor.

Anything that could block you from performing the process should be moved away. Make sure that there is nothing on the floor and that you have gotten rid of all the dusts on the floor. This is to make sure that the floor is really ready for applying the floor stripper.


4. Apply the floor stripper.

Before doing so, make sure that all your needed tools are there including some safety measure like gloves and masks so that you will not have a direct contact on the solvent. Start on the corner and see if the stripper is really effective. Apply the floor stripper in the entire floor that you are stripping. After doing so, you can now let it dry for a while, and then when it is all dried up, sweep the floor to get rid of the dirt and then mop the floor with water. Let it dry.