The Facts and Many Benefits of Lavender Plants

People Just love lavender plants and for good reasons. Aside from the fact that they can make your place looking good, they can also exude the best smell, it is so refreshing to be greeted by them. So, if you want to experience what most people have, check out their suppliers online or maybe there is also one in your area and start growing them in your own front yard. As they are Mediterranean, maintenance will be minimal. You don’t even need to worry about them during summer as heat is what they prefer.

So, let me first tell you some facts about lavender plants:

– The perfect time for the hardy lavender plants to be planted is during spring season as by then, the temperature of the soil will already start to rise. Actually, lavender plants can be planted anytime though you need to focus on them more if planted on different seasons like when you will plant them on summer, they must be watered often a the start until their roots will establish.

– Lavenders can last for a good number of years if they are taken good care like they will be pruned every year.

– When water is directly planted to the soil like not in plant pots, watering will only be needed until the roots will establish but after that, there will be no need to water them as constant watering or too much water will only rot the roots. Bear in mind that they are Mediterranean thus they don’t need that much water. However, if they are planted in pots, they should be watered all throughout the summer and minimal only during winter.

– The pruning of the lavenders depends on their species. As for the English lavender plants should be pruned after they have done flowering.



As for the benefits of the lavender plants, check out the following:

– According to the experts, lavender plants can treat insomnia, anxiety and nervous stomach. They are said to also address flatulence, headaches cause by depressions, colic, and migraines caused by menopause.

– It is also said that in Spain, they are added to teas to resolve diabetes and insulin resistance situations.

– Other functions of lavender plants if you check online are as antidepressant, analgesic, expectorant and many more. They are also said to be great and beneficial when it comes to coughs, colds and influenza.

As for how you can use the lavender plants to experience their multiple benefits, you can check online. You might even discover some of the other uses and benefits of these amazing plants. However, you can’t avail of all of these if you will not start planting them right now in your front yard. So, what are you waiting for, check out online as to the suppliers of lavender plants. Who knows you might even discover some other amazing plants as most suppliers do not cater to one type of plants only. After all, organic ingredients and resources are always better!.