Health & Fitness

The Right Exercise Techniques

If you have a home gym and part of your workout regime includes exercising with equipment then its imperative that you know about the correct exercise techniques. If you fail to take proper precautions while using your home gyms equipment then you are likely to sprain a muscle. It’s important to do proper warm up sessions before doing your workouts. You might also incorporate vegetable and fruit juicing in order to lose weight while staying healthy.

Only a professional fitness trainer can demonstrate the correct exercise techniques to you. He/ she will also teach you how to do warm up exercises before your workout and stretching exercises after your workout.

Not knowing when to take a break

You should be aware of the importance of taking a break in the middle of your workouts. Breaks are necessary in order to prevent overtraining symptoms and bring down the heart beat into the normal range. Even in the famous interval training regime short spells of intense activity are punctuated by 3 second long breaks.

If you are not taking breaks then you are ruining the affectivity of your workout regime and subjecting yourself to several other health risks. It’s imperative that you consult a personal trainer who will chalk out a well balanced workout regime for you which will suit your physiological needs and overall health goals.

Superband usage

Super bands are a compulsory part of all home gyms. These bands are cheap and versatile and they can be a useful addition to your home gym. Super bands are great for flexibility training or strength training. They won’t take up mach space and you can even carry them around in a backpack.

If you are buying home exersize machines then you should do some market research before making the final purchase.

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