The Tools That An Electrician Uses At Work

Surely, there are various tools which electrical contractor Gold Coast uses when performing his work. Through these tools, he can properly and quickly finish his task. Here are some of the most common tools that most professionals have.

Working with electrical wires and circuits is a dangerous job, indeed. The professional might get electrocuted if he is not careful when he does his job. For this matter, it is important for the individual to ensure his safety. To do so, he should wear protective gears for the different parts of his body. He should wear gloves for his hands as well as safety glasses for his eyes. Since he needs to turn off the electrical power at the circuit breaker before he starts his job, he should also have a flashlight handy to light up the dark areas that he may need to work on. It will be best if he has a head mounted flashlight so that he can use both hands when he is working.

The individual will also need to use a ladder so that he can reach high areas where the wires may be located. The ladder must be made from wood or other material that does not conduct electricity. He should avoid those ladders that are made of aluminum or any other type of metal. In this manner, he can avoid electrocution.

The electrician will also need to use a stud finder. This tool will help him locate any beam on the ceilings and on the walls. Once he knows where the beam is, then, he will also know where the wires are. In addition, he also needs to have a wire tester in his possession. With a wire tester, he will be able to know which are live wires and which are not. He will also know how strong the electrical flow is. A wire tester can either be a voltage detector or a continuity tester, depending on what kind of electrical work he will be doing.

He must also have a wire cutter that he can use to cut wires. He may also need to utilize a wire stripper to remove the coating without causing damage to the wires. If the wires are hidden behind a wall, he may use either a hacksaw or a power saw, depending on what material the wall is made of. He might also use a wrench to loosen or tighten the nuts and bolts on the circuit breaker. Different kinds of pliers can also be a part of his tools.

He might need a screwdriver in order to drive screws into an electrical plate, if necessary. There are different types of screwdrivers that he may have, such as a flat head, a Phillips head, and a screw-bending screwdriver, among others. He also needs a hammer as a basic tool.

Most importantly, he must store these tools inside his toolbox. It will be easier for him to bring all the necessary tools if he will only need to carry the toolbox.