Three Sight-Seeing Things to Do in Broome

For some people, a vacation is a vacation. It doesn’t really matter where they end up, as long as there’s adventure involved. For the rest of us, we need to be meticulous about every detail so we get our money’s worth. There are a lot of things that you need to consider before choosing your getaway, such as the modes of transportations, and accomodations. However, before you even start thinking about how to get there, think about the best location that can give you the happiness you deserve.

Discover the Dinosaur Footprints

See the colors on this white sandy beach 10-minute private drive from Broome. You will enjoy seeing the set against the red rock cliff looking good with the Indian Ocean’s azure waters, the Point has signs which is believed to be interpretive and describe its history, which includes dinosaur footprints that is preserved in reef rock. All these can be seen during low tide.


Search Treasures at Courthouse Markets

Blend with the residents and shop for jewellery, crafts, and fresh produce or just simply relax on the grass and hear the didgeridoo performance. You may also browse the stalls that offers hand-blown, sparkling crystals, or painted glass, plates, lanters, scarves, clothes, photos, ceramics, and paintings.

Camp at Eco Beach

A memorable wilderness experience will always waits at the Eco Beach Resort, there will be a 90-minute drive of Broome. Opt for a safari beach house, tent, or villa accommodation and delight in daily spa treatments, yoga sessions, sea kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, fishing charters, and whale watching tours. You can take daily trips on a 12-minute flight over Roebuck Bay from Broome.

See the Natural Wonders with Staircase to the Moon and Horizontal Falls

Experience the world’s spectacular phenomena when huge tidal movements build a waterfall effect since they hurtle between the two coastal gorges. Try flying to Talbot Bay by seaplane in the Buccaneer Archipelago and try landing on the water before you board into a 600-horsepower jet boat. Situated closer to the town s the incredible Staircase to the Moon which takes place as soon as the full moon rises on the exposed tidal flats between the months March and October of Roebuck Bay, creating a spectacular illusion.

These are but a few things to do when going to Broomer. There are a lot more, such as choosing the perfect accomodation, and the foods you want to eat there. The key in all this is planning.