Tips and Ideas to Decorate Your Outdoor Wedding

Reciting your wedding vows amid the beauty of picturesque trees, vibrant flowers and chirpy birds is a dream wedding anyone could wish for. You can make your big day a truly romantic and impressive one by choosing nature as your setting, comfortable atmosphere and stunning photographs.

But be sure that your venue looks stunning on the wedding day; else you will have your guests seated in a parched garden with scorched leaves and sagging blooms. There are many things to consider for a perfect garden wedding you will look back on with fond memories. Guest should wear appropriate Cocktail dress and casual suits with mens dress shoes.


Let the garden bloom

Make use of the natural décor which your garden offers. Nothing is as vibrant and festive as a garden in full bloom. Contrast your white bridal gown against a background offering great picture opportunities. Adorn focal points like gazebos, railings and seating by creating small floral arrangement or décor pieces. Match these arrangements with the wedding accent.

Prune, trim all flowers and groom all pathways a week before the wedding.  You can even couple your floral décor with specialized flower beds of different shapes, sizes, and colors of blooms to create hearts, or other wedding metaphors.

If you choose to have a spring outdoor wedding you can line the aisle with tulips and these tulip pails can also be used as centerpieces to decorate the table.


Have a plan B

If the weather turns sour your beautiful day might turn into a nightmare. Make sure to have a back-up plan.

To immortalize this special event of yours, hiring professional wedding photographer is a must.

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