Tips for Getting up on a Wakeboard

Wakeboarding is a fun activity and if you have followed all precautionary steps and taken the help of seasoned wake boarders you ought to be safe too. You are sure to enjoy your wake board experience and perfect some cool tricks which you can show off to your friends. Here are a few tips to guide you as you get geared for this exciting water sport.

Regular of goofy

This is something you need to know with all water sports and high energy games. You need to know which foot is your “lead” foot so that you don’t have to waste time deciding which foot to use in times of challenges and instant decisions.

Ask one of your friends to give you a light unexpected shove from the back. The foot which you involuntarily use to support yourself is your “lead” foot. If you use your right foot then you are goofy and if you use your left one then you are regular footed.

Know your environment

Like a true sportsman you should do a sharp and short survey on your environment before you get on your wakeboard. Understand the size of water, the boundary situation, buoys, pilings and slumps and where any other obstructions might be present. You should be able to navigate your board out of these hurdles.

Stay out of crowds

Being in the midst of other wake boarders mean that you have a movement problem and a navigation issue. Maintain reasonable distance with other wake boarders in your vicinity and this means that you should have enough room to do safe passing. You should avoid an area which has divers as this leads to increased chances of accidents.

People who are suffering from diabetes should refrain from engaging in water sports like wakeboarding and water-skiing.

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