Tips for Taking Care of Your Roller Skates

Roller Skates have been a popular option as sports and pastime. It is highly important to maintain and take care of the roller skates to ensure a smooth and stress-free skating.
It is good idea to familiarize yourself with the methods of maintenance so that you roll on the wheels freely.

Always keep the skates in a box as given by the roller skates manufacturer to keep them safe, clean and dust-free. Try to tighten the wheel-nuts after a certain period of time – ideally after every 45 days.

Maintenance of Ball Bearings

Most of the roller skates available in the market come with partially exposed or covered ball-bearings.
For a better working and long life of the bearings, regular oiling, cleaning is advised. If your roller skates do not ride smoothly, it is time to change them.

New bearings will provide you all new free skating again. If you do not replace old damaged ball bearings, they will tend to damage the other parts of the skates by disturbing the whole mechanism.

Mechanical Maintenance

You should check one in a week that whether the toe stoppers are tightly fastened or not. Simply use a screwdriver, a flat one, which will tighten the toe-stopper manually.

The tightening of the trucks depends on personal choice. Most preferable are trucks with medium tension as hard tight or loose ones may fail to provide proper grip.

The toe replacement, truck replacement is other options as a part of regular servicing of your roller skates.

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